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acmestudio. is a graphic studio, specializing in Printing, Marketing and Design that has been in the market for decades! During this time hundreds of interesting, unique and unconventional projects saw the lead of the day.Our team with a vast experience, professional skills and creativity, makes it possible for us to deliver you high quality services only.Our projects are used for branding, product positioning, company image creation, and thus have a direct impact on attracting an even wider range of clients.

In our studio we can prepare individual designs. Our team of graphic designers will advise and create what your imagination suggests.
Thanks to our graphic arts, the client can get an original design of their company logo, interestingly designed business cards, leaflets, brochures, catalogs, as well as attractive banners, etc. We have extensive experience in printing and publishing books, albums, photo albums, and regional newspapers. We approach each project individually, we are able to listen to clients’ needs and, based on them, we make high value plans.

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